Writing is my Gift to the World!!

Writing is my gift to the world, and encouraging others is my purpose. I am writing you today, just to encourage you to keep pushing forward and understand that there is a purpose in your life. No matter what it is God designed it just for you. He has a purpose for your life, regardless of the situations you are presently in he has allowed you to go through the things you have encountered in this life just for you to be equipped to handle your purpose. Some will say that I have had a hard life, and I can’t see how he allowed me to go through these things. But I have come to tell you today there is a purpose to the madness. God hasn’t allowed you to go through these trials, for no reason, he knew before he allowed it to come your way that you were able to make it through.

So keep in mind that he knows all and sees your heart, he knows that you are struggling, he knows that you desire better. It’s simple to say all that is in your way of being where you want to be, but it only takes faith and belief in Him to make it through those things. Sometimes we get worried and troubled because we are trying to resolve those things before us, but He is able to bring us out of these things with just a simple prayer. I know some of you are saying, well, I’ve been praying and he’s not done it for me, yet. The key is to give it to him and not worry about it anymore. If you pray, then don’t worry about it anymore cause you’ve truly put it in his hands to resolve. If you don’t try to fix it yourself, and you stop worrying about it, then you give God room to work it out for you how he wants you to have it.

Remember, that in life you have to focus on the purpose of your life, and not the things that are in your way. These things are just to test your faith in your purpose, and the more trials you have, the more your faith will grow in God. He allows these things just to make you believe in him, and trust him with your life. When you can pray, trust and believe in Him you will see your life start to change and those things you thought were mountain will become nothing more than an ant pile. You have the power to achieve whatever you have been proposed for in this life.

Keep your mind on positive things and don’t focus on the negative, because you give power to the negative. This stops your progress in your situation. We all go through things, some more than others, but none-the-less we all go through. No one person can do it all, if it was so God wouldn’t allow so many people to be in this world. He has your own set people for you to encounter and be in their lives. These people are depending on you to be what God purposed you to be. If you don’t know your purpose you need to get to know HIM!! So that you can get on track with your life’s work.

Be encouraged, and know that today is your day!!! Keep moving forward, and pressing onward and striving for your goals. God put a gift in your hands, whether its many talents or one, we all have a gift. Use your gift to its full potential, because it will make room for you. People have been telling you that you’re good at this, but you keep denying it. If you hear this a lot, then open your mind and heart to what is before you. These words I write is my gift to the world, not everyone will receive this message but for those of you who will, I say be encouraged and know that your life has a purpose and your belief in God has a direct connect with your success. Those who are successful in achieving those things they set out to accomplish have faith and belief in what they are doing.

Do you believe that you are able to accomplish your goals? If you do then keep on pressing forward and stay connected to your source and don’t allow nothing or anyone to stop you from achieving the things you are pushing forward to achieve. If you don’t feel like you can go a step forward, then pray and leave it to God to work out, and don’t lose your faith in your goals, we all need to lean and depend on someone from time to time. Don’t feel like you can’t achieve it cause you can, there’s no need to rush, cause you want to be fully equipped to handle what you’re pushing to achieve. Don’t look at what is stopping you, focus on your goal. Don’t look for easy ways out, stay the path the end is worth the travel, and the journey you’re on.

Thought Nugget


Stay Encouraged!!! Today is your DAY!!!


About monicawooten35

I am an indie author, I have published my first novel and I am working on several other projects. I write erotica/suspense/lesbian category. I like to write; playwrights, poetry and short stories. I also write some copy material. I love writing it is my passion and therapy in life. Writergurlwoo
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