I’m Back

Hello everyone “I’m back!” 

I took off sometime to get myself together and when it’s all said and done it was absolutely the best choice I could have made. 

I can safely admit that to have yourself mentally, physically and spiritually fit is important. I learned a lot about myself. The most important thing for an author to remember is that all facets of their life will aid in their writing. 

I am a true believe in the saying “the more you endure the more you have to draw from in your writing.” I thought I would provide those people whom follow my site my most interesting journey as I learned of my mental illness and went through the progress of learning to heal and become more positive about being diagnosed as having a mild case of bipolar 1. 

First I would like to provide a more in depth understanding of the illness and how it affects people differently.  I won’t bore you with the scientific version of the disease but my understanding as I am dealing and learning how to live with it. 

There is more of my experience to come I kept some diaries and some very deep thought of the struggle in my mind as I learned how to redirect my thinking to a more positive thinking and not allowing my diagnoses to determine my out come. 

Until my next post Tap your pens!


#dealingwithbipolar #bipolarfrommyview #thinkingpositive 


About monicawooten35

I am an indie author, I have published my first novel and I am working on several other projects. I write erotica/suspense/lesbian category. I like to write; playwrights, poetry and short stories. I also write some copy material. I love writing it is my passion and therapy in life. Writergurlwoo
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