What makes me happy?


Putting my pen to the paper, is what makes me happy. I could just say that to answer the question. If you are a writer, the answer to that question is not enough. As a writer, I realized the importance of giving enough details. Now being creative enough to make your audience engage in your writing is a skill that has to be developed and shaped.

All of us at some point in time have been asked; “What makes you happy?” I generally say to those who are not writers, simple “Writing.” But for those of you who are authors, published or not, my answer is this;

I love the way my pen flows on the paper. What makes me happy is when I am writing and you go into that zone where nothing seems to matter but the ink, pad and my thoughts.

I write what I feel and how I feel, I take from my life and experiences to make my writing my form of therapy. I don’t really know what else in life I love more than writing, but whatever it is it still doesn’t hold a candle to the love I have for writing…..If you agreed tap your pen…

Writing zone regards,



About monicawooten35

I am an indie author, I have published my first novel and I am working on several other projects. I write erotica/suspense/lesbian category. I like to write; playwrights, poetry and short stories. I also write some copy material. I love writing it is my passion and therapy in life. Writergurlwoo
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