Authors Message

Me on the porch

I am an indie author, I have published my first novel and I am working on several other projects. I write erotica/suspense/lesbian category. I like to write; playwrights,  poetry and short stories. I also write some copy material. I love writing it is my passion and therapy in life. Being an indie author, gives me rights to a lot of things, but at the same time it’s more complicated as you go along the journey. I am not into writing for the profit, but for the pleasure of sharing a good story with my audience. Choosing to be an indie author was the simplest way to go after receiving so many rejections and suggestions to alter my stories or change-up so much of my story until it wasn’t mine at all.  I hope that you will take out time to read my post and comment or contact me directly through text.

Best Regards

Monica M. Wooten

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