Seeing Things Right Side UP!

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I know you see that my picture is upside down. I just wanted to let you see what I see metaphorically  in using this picture pertaining to life. 

Each day we go along with our lives and often times we don’t really see things as they are we see them as we remember them. Now when you think about that statement, take a look around you and tell me if your perception of the way things are and how things really are, is the same? For instance, when you walk past a group of people talking, do you greet them, say excuse me if you’re walking between them or do you choose to say nothing at all. I realized that when you don’t greet or even make eye contact when approaching others that are made aware of your presence, you project that you are rude, not well-mannered, and that you are just plain mean.

I know you can easily argue that last statement. Especially, if you are from a state or area where this type of behavior is normal. I clearly understand the mindset of people working and having to maneuver through large crowds everyday to get to their destinations not taking out the time to greet someone they don’t know. Clearly, this is understandable, but as a child you were told by your parents to say excuse me or to say hello. I was taught to greet and use my manners, but as the years have progressed, I’ve also been instructed not to talk to strangers, scream and run if I’m approached by weird-looking characters. I hear people say all the time

“There are no good-hearted people who would give you a ride if you’re walking along the Highway!” 

This is a truthful statement, most people won’t stop to help someone who is stranded on the roadside. The nature of our society is to shun or avoid unsavory characters, no matter the circumstance. Some people are not even gonna help those they know need help merely because of their thought process, and media. I say that because if you see someone having a hard time along side the road and their car is broken down, you don’t stop to offer help, nor do you stop to just say hey you need me to call someone for you or maybe you can take them to the nearest gas station. The news has taught us that crime is real, and no one can be trusted. Movies and reality shows provide us with dramatized situations where people can’t be trusted because of their deceitful nature.

Now let’s look back at the picture, is it really upside down or is our perception upside down? Do we as a people really take out time to see if something is really turned upside down? Are we the same people who think that our concept is the only one that counts.

Thinking inside the box is the most common way of perceiving something. You take on the mindset that this is the only way of doing something and you never really take out time to look at the trees, see the grass as it dies, and see the leaves fall from the trees. You walk outside one day and the ground is covered with leaves, and the grass is brown. You take notice of the change, but it’s not until the trees have flourished and the grass is green again, do you stop to see how the seasons have changed. These things aren’t possible in the box, because you are in the rat race, and as long as the mazes keep generating you will continue in this frame of mind. It’s those of you who are looking upside down from in a box that are seeing this picture upside down. Think about it! 

Some people such as myself, aren’t built for the rat race, they are designed to take another route, find another avenue, that will alleviate the stress of the box, dare I say step outside the box. See the glass half full rather than empty. Once you’re outside the box, life is different, your understanding of people and things change. You don’t avoid people, you engage with them cause one thing in life that make a profound effect on people is your ability to communicate and deviate through situations without becoming complacent or depressed. If you can take your situation and inspire someone else, without looking for compensation or some type of gain. This is thinking outside the box. In the box, it’s every man for himself, if you don’t have what it takes, you get out the box and find other means to serve your purpose.

Looking at this picture it’s easy to see what’s wrong with it in one glance. Looking at yourself and identifying what’s wrong with you is a lot harder process. Don’t become that person that only sees things one sided, and can never really see the other side of things. They tell me there is two sides to everything. If you are one sided then you are half of a person, cause you have to be centered and your core must have both sides to function. You may miss my point if you’re still looking at this picture from one perspective. Start looking at the picture Right Side UP! 

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