What changes your quality of writing?

Recently, my quality of writing has changed. I asked myself what happened that changed my quality of writing. Of course I was talking to myself, but it seemed to puzzle me at first.

I am naturally a writer through and through, but sometimes things happen to alter your perception, thought processes and pattern. Many times these changes elevate your creativity.

For instance, all writers will agree, when you encounter hardship or challenges, once you’ve made it over that hurdle, your understanding gain from the that obstacle changes your perception of your life. Why? I asked myself.

I simply understand now, through talking with other authors, including, my publisher and best friend Yvette St. Clair, whom is the owner of August Nite Publishing and she is an accomplished published author. That most writers utilize their life experiences and obstacles as motivation to write, or it creates the environment for conducive writing.

When you experience the growth in your writing, it purely comes from you, and your ability to take all negative or positive feedback, or events and turn them into constructive criticism. If you elevate your understanding and take charge of the emotions or lack of emotion to make it work for you and on your behalf. Your writing will evolve and grow and you will develop your skills naturally.

Therefore, the natural growth gives room for you to grow your knowledge base. The more you know, the more your skills will continue to evolve and grow as well. Having a complete understanding of the knowledge that you have is more important than, being able to quote and recite information. According to the King James version of the bible, in Proverbs 4:7;

"Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore 
get wisdom: and with all thy getting get 

This scripture really explains the general idea, in your life experiences its the understanding you gain from the experience that makes your writing skills evolve, it gives you room to grow and become more creative. Educating your mind to expand your knowledge base and increase your wisdom is good, but if you truly don’t understand the knowledge you have it’s worthless information. Each level of life brings a new understanding and creates the room for you to grow individually as a person, and it opens the avenues of your craft to increase as well. If you agreed writers tap your pen….


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