Early Morning Blues…….(short story Part 2)

It’s my day in court and I watch my attorney gathering evidence and walking back and forth with papers and phone conversations. I am instantly dizzy with all the red tape and expected questions that the prosecution will ask. The final moment has come they just called our case. I am nervous, and my feet will not move from this spot as the judge calls me to the stand. My lawyer tries to get me to move and take the stand.

“Come on son, it’s going to be just like we discussed and practice.”

“I’m scared, I thought I could do this, but he’s in the room right over there, he will get me if I testify.” I replied

“Who is going to get you, son?” he responded

“He is seated right over there, don’t you see him?” I asked

“Where, there is no one seated over there.” he assured me. My attorney then turned to the judge and requested that we take a small recess and then he’d be ready to proceed.

I couldn’t believe no one saw his beady eyes, with those long connecting eye brows and the teeth was the scariest of all. I watched him as he stood up and when he turned to look at me, my skin began to crawl. He seemed to smirk at me when he realized that I couldn’t go through with it. I felt defeated. My lawyer took me outside of the room to talk to me. He promised me that my father wasn’t in the room. I knew he was lying because he stood not twelve feet away from me and I could smell the blood that dripped from his hands in the morning he killed my mother. I wasn’t ready, no matter what my lawyer said I wasn’t ready or prepared for the next phase.

We entered the courtroom, and my lawyer told the judge that he would not be calling me to the stands right now and he called the next wittiness. I felt relieved, but he was still starring at me this time with his eyes glowing yellow and his pupils were solid black, he was snarling and his teeth were sharp as razor and the smell of the blood was getting closer. I didn’t see anything but his image drawing closer to me. I tried to scream for help but no one could hear me. I watched in shock as his hand was drawn back and he swings and strikes my lawyer. I watched him rip repeatedly strike him until his shirt was bloody. I closed my eyes and when I opened them up again the officer tried to restrain my lawyer, from repeatedly cutting himself with a letter opener. The judge smacked his gavel down repeatedly calling the whole room to order. The officer placed handcuffs on my lawyer and rushed him out the room.

I sat and watched as the beast returned to his seat and sat calmly, smirking at me. I didn’t think anyone would believe me if I told them it was my father. Why did he attack him, and why does no one see him but me? I wondered as we were all rushed out of the courtroom to safety. How could this be happening, I know I saw my father rip the lawyer to shreds and when I opened my eyes my lawyer was cutting into his own flesh.

After I arrived home, my aunt and uncle were seated in the living room when I walked in. They had heard of the event with my lawyer and they were both in shock and disbelief of the fact he stabbed his own self while he was handling the case. My uncle expressed his thought of the evil that was around the case, and suggested that I’d not testify, even though my father wasn’t there in the courtroom, because of the problems that has been around this case from the moment they found my mother in the deep freezer. I listened to him talk about what my father did the night before he murdered my mother.

“Your father was an evil, sick bastered, no offense, but he was made of pure evil.” my uncle spoke

“Why do you say he’s evil?” I asked

“Well, when we were little he used to kill animals, didn’t really matter what it was, he would always, beat it to death or find some way to rip it to pieces.” he explained

To be continued……………….


About monicawooten35

I am an indie author, I have published my first novel and I am working on several other projects. I write erotica/suspense/lesbian category. I like to write; playwrights, poetry and short stories. I also write some copy material. I love writing it is my passion and therapy in life. Writergurlwoo
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